NETGEAR makes your home smarter. Here’s how!

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Since the dawn of the digital age, technology has developed at an exponential rate. We’re experiencing technology closer to home – from light bulbs to air-conditioners, simple day-to-day things have evolved into intelligent systems. Devices can now act and interact with their surroundings according to the user’s actions.

You might have had a good laugh if we said we’re slowly moving into an era where our homes will closely replicate those seen in the popular cartoon series, The Jetsons. But the fact of the matter remains – technology is getting smarter and our homes are quickly learning about and responding to our way of living.

And when it comes to smart home technology, NETGEAR has made breakthroughs and will continue to do so. Here’s a quick overview highlighting NETGEAR’s prowess of building a smarter home:

The key ingredient

The backbone of any smart home is its WiFi network. Obviously you need a mean machine for this – a device that has the capability of fulfilling your need for speed. Buffer-free video streams, extensive lag-free gaming and great range – these are some of the capabilities that are expected of what is potentially going to be the ‘heart’ of said smart home.



Not a WiFi Router, but a Home WiFi System

Your search for a dependable WiFi connectivity ends with NETGEAR’s Orbi. The Orbi wipes out all your network related issues and powers your home with a strong and reliable connection throughout. Its Tri-band technology allows more devices to be connected without a compromise in speed. With its simple installation, the Orbi becomes the perfect candidate to power your smart home.

Someone who’s always got you covered


NETGEAR’s Arlo Home Security System realizes the hope that technology helps homes make lives easy and comfortable. It’s like your personal bodyguard rather than a security camera. 1080p HD video quality, along with sound and motion detectors, allow you to notice every aspect of your home. The 2 way audio interface enables you to respond to the situation immediately. For what it’s worth, the Arlo will stand by you through all seasons – yes, it has a weatherproof design – to look after you.

Not only a smart home, but a sensible one as well


All your movie nights and gaming marathons need a place inside your smart home, so that you can easily access data whenever or wherever you want. And to fulfill your needs, there’s NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS servers. Your family vacation photos, favourite movies, music playlists and lots more – easily available, all in one central hub. You can also control who can access this data, thus giving your information the required privacy and security it deserves.

One app to rule them all…


NETGEAR’s Genie app binds all the technology together for the flawless and efficient working of your smart home. It gives you complete and total control over network connected devices through the app. Stream movies from phones or set up a gaming marathon, your wish is the only command. The app makes it easy for you to modify the home network, or even create a separate guest network for visitors. That’s not all – kids can be kept safe on the internet, too, thanks to Genie’s Parental Control feature.

Getting smarter as we look to the future


There’s a famous quote which reads, “A man’s house is his castle”. The technology of today is always striving to make your house smarter than before, while also keeping it secure. You’ll never be so grateful for it.

By identifying users’ connectivity issues and centering their products on simplified solutions to these problems, NETGEAR is a frontrunner in developing smarter homes. Handing over the control to the occupants of the house is a step in the right direction, and it’s only going to get smarter from here. Walking into your home will be like walking straight into the future.

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