HeaderHow the ReadyNAS provides insurance for the most vital aspect of your business – your data.

Whether it’s pest control, fire safety, installing an antivirus, or getting a sturdy lock, we take loads of precautions to ensure the safety of our workplace. But what about the work? From a small word document to several heavy files, everything that we do lies in the data.

While things like a good workplace, gadgets, & a software may be essential for our work, the data is the work.

So what do you do if the pen drive containing important files gets lost, or if the hard drive where you’ve backed up your data malfunctions, or in rare cases, you need to access your home network from a far off place? To prevent unforeseen circumstances from taking a toll on our life, we get insurance, so why not do the same for our data?

Here are ways through which Netgear’s ReadyNAS will insure your data.


Protection against loss:

Occasionally backing up files in a hard drive is a standard practise. But storing all your work in just one place is like keeping all your eggs in one basket, if that piece of hardware fails, all is gone. But the ReadyNAS is prepared for such a mishap. The RAID feature allows it to clone & backup work in multiple hard drives automatically.

So your data is insured against loss, misplacement, & any sort of damages.


Your very own personal hub:

Unlike the cloud where data is stored by a third party, the ReadyNAS keeps your data in your own secure hands & in a central location.

When there are multiple people on the same project, keeping data stored on different computers is neither safe, nor is it convenient. In such a case, a standard place to store/access files is exactly what the team needs. And since you can connect to the ReadyNAS using ethernet cable, your internet connection won’t affect the lightning-fast transfer speed.


It can be accessed from anywhere:

ReadyNAS understands that sometimes work can take you places. No matter which part of the world you’re working from, using a special app or a designated website, you can access your network, take files if you need them, and most importantly, back up your work.

So you can insure your data anytime, anywhere.


A long-term investment:

ReadyNAS does what it does best because it focuses on one thing – data.

The more work you do, the more data you produce. You may not run out of storage tomorrow, but what about a year or 5 years from now? Because of its enormous stretchable storage capacity, the ReadyNAS is a long-term investment and its benefits will be felt every day.

The ReadyNAS provides options that allow you to choose the product that best suits your requirement. So while your mind is occupied with ways to make your business soar, worrying about accidentally losing your data will be the last thing on your mind.

So protect your work & give yourself some peace of mind by placing your data in the reliable hands of Netgear’s ReadyNAS.

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