Uncover your WiFi’s true potential with Mesh Technology

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Netizens of the world are terrified of only one thing that they consider the biggest evil of them all – bad WiFi coverage! If you’re reading this, then you can fully relate to the situation when you’re all cozied up on your couch, waiting to commence your weekend Netflix session, but buffering and poor connectivity put a ‘The End’ to your plans before they even begin! And that’s not all; dead zones in your house take you back to the stone age; with no range whatsoever, it seems like you’re living under a rock.

Improve your Wireless Speeds 

If these buzzkills are ruining your WiFi experience, it’s time you resurrected your home WiFi System. And while Range Extenders maybe the go-to fix for small or medium-sized spaces, they fall short when it comes to large areas ranging from 2500 sq. ft. to 5000 sq. ft.

There’s a new hero in town; it goes by the name of Mesh Technology. A mesh WiFi system is essentially a collection of router-like devices that team together to cover your house with a ‘connectivity cloud’ (it’s raining WiFi!)


This may sound very similar to the job done by Range Extenders, but there’s a significant difference. While extenders simply boost your existing WiFi’s range, a mesh WiFi system creates a new network through each of the participating router-like devices. Secondly, the throughput received from an extender gradually decreases with increasing distance from your main router (not the optimum solution for your next binge-watch session), whereas a mesh system affords you strong and seamless connection in all corners of your humble abode.

Moreover, extenders call for a new network SSID; this requires you to manually log into various networks, depending on which part of the house you’re in. In contrast you can enjoy uninterrupted, full-strength WiFi all around your home with a mesh system.


The magic of Mesh technology shines through in the way the system communicates. A traditional extender is only able to communicate with the main router, and in a multiple-extender system, two extenders, in most cases, can’t communicate with each other. On the other hand, units from a mesh system can communicate with any other unit, so that you receive the best possible signal. Always.

If setting up and managing your mesh WiFi system was like learning a new language, it’ll be the easiest language you could learn. Unlike the router’s confusing admin page, a mesh system can be set up through an easy-to-use smartphone application, where you can change your network whenever you like, while also analyzing your current connection.


So, if you reside in a home whose area demands good WiFi coverage, the magic of mesh technology can work wonders for you; it’ll also save you hours of frustration and hair-pulling over the sorry state of your current network!

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