5 ways how smart parental control comes to your home with Netgear.

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Whether your kids are playing in the real world or surfing through the world wide web, the job of parenting offers no break. In today’s time, it’s a bright sight to see kids playing outside with friends, but you’d still wouldn’t want them to go in potentially dangerous places or stay out for too long – the same applies to the internet as well. The internet is a good place to be in, but too much of something good can be bad. And because devices, viruses, & even our kids are getting smarter, we need a smart enough parental control system that has the potential to keep up. Thankfully, the smartest of them all, Circle with Disney, comes with Netegar’s routers.

Usually one must buy the Circle with Disney device separately, but like a knight in shining armor, certain select Netgear routers have it inbuilt!

Here are 5 reasons why it’s the best Parental Control device of our time:

It tells you how much time each of your family member spends online.


The ‘Circle: Smart Family Controls’ app lets you create individual profiles for each of your family members, so you can pinpoint exactly how much time they spend online. Apart from that, it also breaks down how much time was spent on which app be it Netflix, Facebook, or WhatsApp. So you won’t be shooting in the dark but catching the culprit with proof!


It lets you set time limits on every aspect of the internet.


Now that you know how much time your family’s spending online, you can actually do something about it. The Time Limit feature enables you to allot a specific duration on the platforms or apps available on your child’s phone. If you kid is addicted to YouTube, you can set a daily time limit of 1 hour, so the internet is in your control. If you want to take this a step further, you can set a limit on the access to internet itself.


It lets you filter content based on age.


Owing to a data base of millions of apps & websites, Circle understands what type of content is suitable for which age. After choosing from 4 easily customizable presets (Pre-K, Kid, Teen, & Adult), you can rest easy knowing that your child is protected from content that might be of bad influence.


It helps you in parenting with some extra cool features.  


WiFi has changed the name of the game when it comes to parenting. So Cirlce, compatible with select Netgear routers, helps you be at the top of this game by providing features like OffTime, BedTime, & Pause to let you schedule internet-free days, nights, & at those moments when chores & homework needs to be done.


It gives you the most important thing – quality time with family.


Every family needs those moments when you’re staring at each other instead of a screen, & that’s the most valuable thing that the Circle offers. It keeps the internet at the palm of your hands, so no notifications can interrupt those special moments with family.

Check out the Circle app on

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.circlemedia.circlehome

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/circle-home/id1037062934?ls=1&mt=8

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