How buffering can change the meaning of your favourite song

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YouTube, Spotify, or Gaana – we’ve reached a phase where most of us stream music.
Though this a better alternative than piracy, we’re more prone to unexpected pauses due to slow internet.

So in this blog, we’re going to talk about how, without Netgear, buffering can change the meaning of your favourite song.


When your internet is slow, smacking that router ain’t going to change anything.


Why only imagine?
Make it your reality with Netgear routers! 



While listening to the King of Pop, don’t let any glitches pop up.



A little bit of WiFi in my life, a little bit of Netgear by my side. A little bit of speed is all I need, a little bit of happiness is what I feel.



Slow WiFi can put you in a ‘Sorry’ state. ‘Love Yourself’ & get a Netgear router.



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