Bad WiFi habits that are probably dragging your speed down.

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Think of your internet speed as a highway. How broad the highway is depends on your router + the data plan provided by your service provider.

Bad WiFi habits create speed breakers & potholes that disrupts the traffic passing through. Hence, it doesn’t matter how broad your highway is, the bad internet habits that you unknowingly adopt are putting barricades to block you from experiencing your WiFi’s true potential.
So, what are the bad WiFi habits that are degrading your highway into a gravel road?

Let’s find out:

Read time: 4 minutes


  1. Keeping your router close to other devices.

It’s a common occurrence in Indian homes to see routers close to other appliances like a TV or a Fridge. These devices are known to cause wireless interference that messes up your WiFi signal. The most common reason for keeping routers in these places is the availability of a plug point. In this case, there are simple solutions that can help you – either get your router mounted on a wall or, simple enough, get an extension board.


  1. Keeping your router in enclosed spaces.

Your router is the sun & all connected devices are the planets that orbit around it. If you hide the sun in the corner, everything goes dark. So, keep your router at a central location so that its light has unobstructed access to all connected devices.


  1. Keeping your router close to windows.

Keeping your router close to a window means sending half your range outside your house. So, unless you have an Orbi, a router with a WiFi range of 5000 sq. ft, keep your router away from the window.


  1. Giving away your password.

Guests, friends, or neighbours – giving away your WiFi password is never advisable. Not only can it reduce your speed but it also poses a great security threat exposing your server to viruses & malpractices. So, keep your password a secret or you can get routers like Netgear’s Orbi & the Nighthawk series that have features that allow you to create special guest networks, monitor all internet activity, & stop WiFi on connected devices of your choice.

It’s also a good idea to change your password every once in a while.


  1. Connecting too many devices/applications at once.

One of the most common blunders we commit as WiFi users is that we connect all devices then pay little heed to what’s draining the speed. Think about it. How many devices are connected to your router, how many phones, computers, & other miscellaneous devices? What about applications – is music being streamed, are applications being updated, or videos being downloaded? Now, if you have a high-end router with a really good service plan, go right ahead. But if it’s a mid-range router, you need to focus your router’s energy. If you need to make a video call, get your WiFi disconnected from devices that you’re not using at the moment. See what all applications in your phone or iPad are using internet connection & limit its access.


  1. Letting your router collect dust.

Usually, it’s things that we don’t use that collects dust. But routers are a weird exception. They’re the one equipment which we use every day & we still leave them to collect dust. This negligence can lead to the growth of dirt around the wires. Why should you clean it? Well, it’s a generally accepted fact that you should keep your electronic equipment in a clean environment. An unclean habitat can leave it prone to damage & unknown interference. Look at your router, is it dusty?


  1. Not buying the right router.

Let’s go back to the highway scenario. Imagine you paid good money to get a good internet plan. Great, you’ve got yourself a big clear road. Now, you’ve done away with all the bad WiFi habits, even better, no speed breakers. But your router is really old. So even if the speed limit is 100 km/hr, you’re driving at 50 because that’s as fast as your router can go.

The solution? See what speed you’re paying for & buy a router that can run at that speed.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you have one or several bad WiFi habits. For seamless WiFi, we must work towards quitting them all.


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