Here’s how Netgear’s XR500 betters your gaming experience.

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Let’s start with a hypothetical situation – you’re a basketball pro, you have the best gear, & the best team. Except, the court you’re playing on has a bunch of bumps, holes, & gravel.

After investing time + money in buying the gear, getting the team, & acquiring the skills; you wouldn’t let the court ruin the gaming experience. You’d do a bit of research & find the best playing field there is.

So why not do the same for online gaming?

We spend a good amount to bring home the best hardware but still end up succumbing to the bumps(lag), holes(loading), & gravel(ping). In the past, the only remedy would’ve been to get a higher data plan along with a lavish internet system. Now, that is no more the case. Netgear has finally brought to the table an elixir which’ll, once and for all, resolve all your gaming WiFi woes.


1 – Get your internet running at full throttle.

The internet speed you get depends on two factors – First, your data plan. And second, your router’s potential to deliver the purchased speed.

Most gamers get a good data plan. But the problem? The router’s specs aren’t high enough.

So, after a good data plan gets your internet connection up and running, with the capability of delivering WiFi at 2.6 Gbps, Netgear’s XR500 is that WiFi system that’ll help it break into an all-out sprint.


2 – It connects you to local networks

While playing PUBG or CS:GO, we often get connected to servers that are way far off the map. Even with a decent internet connection, this is bound to cause lag spikes.

But the XR500’s got your back! The router comes equipped with DumaOS, and a feature that this operating system provides is the Geo-Filter.

With this you can customise your Geo reach so that you gain access to servers that are closest to you. Now you’ll be able to fine tune who your opponents are for a smooth gaming experience.


3 – Dual-core, dual band, & 4 antennas

The uninterrupted wired & WiFi experience is a result of the XR500’s 1.7GHz dual-core processor. This combined with the AC2600 dual bands guarantees lag-free gaming on your primary device without compromising the speed of other devices that are accessing the internet through the same routers.

This blend gives you the freedom to conduct simultaneous online activities. So, if you’re the kind of gamer that likes to stream music while playing Fortnite, you can do so without worry.


4 – Its operating system is unlike any other.

One of the most clutter-breaking aspect of the XR500 is its legendary operating system, the DumaOS.

It comes with a variety of awesome features that lets you prioritize gaming traffic, allocate bandwidth to devices of choice, customize dashboard, and create a VPN (virtual private network) to protect network identity.


5 – It’s the best in the business.

We’re not the only ones who can’t stop praising the XR500. Renowned tech websites such as IGN,, Tech Radar, & many others have given it rave reviews, too!


Buy it here –

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