Range Extender vs Satellite (Mesh), which one’s better?

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The most common problem faced by most internet users is lack of range. Range Extenders were initially seen as the solution. But along with weak WiFi, these devices brought with them a whole new set of complications.

First: When Range Extenders latch on to the router, they connect on the same band as every other device. So, it may lead to bandwidth congestion.

Second: It rebroadcasts your router’s signal, which invariably means that the speed won’t be as good.

Third: They create a separate network, so every time you move out of the router’s range, you’ll have to log in to the range extender’s network again.

If you’re moving back & forth between each network’s range, this constant logging out and logging in the process can be extremely inconvenient.

Due to this, Range Extenders are a temporary solution to a permanent problem.



Mesh tackles the first and second problem by completely replacing the router-and-extender setup.

Netgear’s mesh system, the Orbi, uses a satellite to extend its range.

This device uses the Tri-band feature in an innovative way. It dedicates a 5 GHZ network primarily for communication between the base station and the satellites.

So, the satellite can relay the same internet speed as the primary router while the bandwidth is left unaffected.

s2_orbi (1)

Unlike Range Extenders, you don’t have to perpetually reconnect to satellites. You can seamlessly move across networks and stay connected without any additional login process.

Also, most extenders and routers are from different companies so the compatibility can be dicey.

But when it comes to Mesh, especially the Orbi, the router and its satellites are not only constructed from the same company but they’re also made to be used as a single unit.

So, if you’re looking for a quick fix then a Range Extender is the way to go.

But for something permanent, qualitative, & convenient – invest in Netgear’s Mesh WiFi System, the Orbi.

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