Here’s what reviewers/critics have to say about the Nighthawk XR500!

When Netgear announced that they would be integrating with Netduma for the development of their latest gaming router, the tech-world foresaw the arrival of a game-changing beast. But no one, not even us, could anticipate the overwhelmingly positive ratings/reviews that would be showered on the product.Major props are given especially to how Netgear takes a bird’s eye view of a gamer’s needs and blends killer hardware with Netduma’s DumasOS to give a lag-free, 360° solution to all.Let’s look at what the critics have to say:1. IGN 


The globally renowned tech, gaming, and pop culture publication gave the XR500 a coveted 9.5 out of 10!They stress on the router’s edgy design, variety in features, and call it their “new pick for best gaming router, as its software is in a class of its own.“Read the full review – Tech Advisor


This UK-based tech website has similar praises to give but they also offer a different perspective about who can benefit from the router’s features stating, “Netgear delivers high-quality hardware and an innovative router-specific operating system in a package that might be popular with more than just gamers.”The XR500 earned 4.5 out of 5 stars.Read their complete review – KitGuru


James Morris from KitGuru writes about how Netgear brings to the table a router that gives high-end features to all at an affordable cost.He gives the XR500 a 9 out of 10 and closes his review saying, “if you want to use this as your everyday family router that also offers kick-ass gaming capabilities, it fits the bill nicely.“See the review – T3


T3 calls the XR500’s design “futuristic“, describes its hardware as a “powerhouse“, and proclaims the software/DumasOS integration as “unique“.The final verdict places the products as, “the best router on the market today for gamers”, giving it a 5/5 star rating.Click to see the full review – Amazon


When it comes to the general audience, more than 75% of the verified amazon buyers have given the XR500 a full 5-star rating! So, it’s not only the tech world but also the general audience who are in awe of the pro gaming router’s look + features.There was a time when high-end hardware could be purchased only by a select few. And even in those sought-after products, a shortage in options meant sacrificing one feature for another.But times have changed and these reviews prove that Netgear is a forerunner in bringing about that paradigm shift.The Nighthawk XR500 Pro Gaming router’s achievement is not only the affordable opportunity to place an elegant product in all homes but also providing an option that’s an ace in both hardware + operating system.

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