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While buying a piece of equipment, it’s easy to get sucker punched with technical terminologies that sound like gibberish but are very crucial. So here, in this blog, we’ll teach you about the must-know terms you should keep an eye out for while purchasing your next router.

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Networks are signals, emitted by a router, that a device latches on to. When looking at networks there are two questions you need to ask yourselves. Firstly, how can I set it up? And secondly, can I split it up?

In old routers, you must visit a website & follow various steps to create a secure network. But in latest routers, like the Orbi & Nighthawk, you can do it on your smartphone by simply downloading an App. If you want to keep your main network only to yourself & not give WiFi vultures an opportunity to hack your system, you can create a separate guest network with just a tap!

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Orbi –

Nighthawk –

2Mesh System:

There are some connectivity solutions a regular router can’t provide. No matter how fast the internet is, a wall or distance between devices can hinder your WiFi experience. And to solve these problems, the Mesh Systems have emerged! Netgear’s Orbi uses this to distribute seamless connectivity up to 2,500 sq ft. Instead of range extenders, it uses Satellites that amp up the signal to an extra 2,500 sq ft. And thanks to Mesh, you can add as many devices as you want to the network without affecting the internet speed. And your house will have virtually no dead zones!

Click here to read more about Netgear’s Orbi



Most routers usually have dual-band. It provides two wireless bands so when the WiFi’s being accessed by multiple devices, the signal doesn’t get clogged. Tri-band takes this a step further & gives your router an additional 5GHz band so there is no chance of your internet speed reducing or getting jammed due to multiple devices.

If your searching for an efficient router then Tri-band feature should certainly be on your watch list.

4Smart Parental Control

Parental Control, unlike how it sounds, isn’t just for parents. If you’re giving free WiFi to your friends, neighbor or family members then you should know for how long they’re using the internet & which websites they’re accessing. Netgear routers give you all these options & many more through the Circle that comes pre-installed on every Orbi.

Learn more about how you can get Smart Parental Control here –

Were you familiar with these terms & do you think there are more features that everyone should be aware of? Let us know!

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