Meet the best business router in the industry, the Orbi Pro!

The fundamental philosophy of any business is – before you earn, you must invest. When it comes to buying routers, the amount of options that pop up after a Google search can leave you more confused than clear. So, to make sure that your long-term investment in connectivity is worth every penny, Netgear has introduced one router that checkmarks what would otherwise require many equipment – The Orbi Pro

Here are some features that make it your money’s worth.

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You become your own IT expert:

Setting up the router can be a troublesome task, but not with the Orbi Pro. Its minimal design ensures that you don’t get jumbled up in unnecessarily complicated wiring. And the set-up procedure is so short & simple that you can do it yourself! The best thing however is that you can create all your networks & control them using the Orbi app on your smart phone.


You can create separate networks for separate people:

A major problem faced by businesses is the regulation of connections between the admin, the employees, & the customers/guests. For safety reasons, it’s common to buy multiple routers to fulfil each individual purpose. But the Orbi Pro employs cutting edge technology to provide a simple solution – it creates separate, dedicated networks for admin, employees & guests so all latch on to separate signals from the same router. Hence, you need not buy multiple routers to keep efficiency & security intact.


It’s also an awesome marketing tool:

Fast WiFi is like a magnet that attracts customers to your business. Even before they see the menu, they see if they’re getting free internet. The Orbi Pro comes with an Outdoor Satellite that extends the signal to an extra 2,500 sq ft. Mix this with its ability to distribute seamless connectivity to umpteen devices without facing a traffic-jam-type situation, and you have yourself the best business router in the industry!

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