Which routers are best suited to your needs? Find out.

With the plethora of options, choosing the perfect router can be tough. A router can be described as the jack of all trades that masters in some fields. So, gaming, personal, or professional, here are the perfect routers that master in the field that you most require.

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For Gaming


Without a router the provides decent internet speed, your multiplayer gaming sessions might hit unexpected pauses. So, for all your LAN Parties, Netgear’s Nighthawk series is the perfect router in the market. It uses tri-band tech & advance processor that prioritizes bandwidth while streaming games, videos, & music to prevent interruptions during gameplays. You can pick the router that best suits your budget here


For your home


Your home is the most happening place in your life. Be it a normal Sunday morning or grand family gatherings, your house never falls short of people who ask for the Wi-Fi password. And every house has those infamous places where the signal just won’t reach. Hence, for every home, the perfect router is the Orbi.

The Orbi uses the futuristic mesh-based & tri-band technology so a single router can reach up to 2,500 sq ft, which can be extended as per your need, through satellites. Apart from this, you can connect as many devices without affecting the internet speed.

Read more about it here – https://netgearindia.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/netgear-orbi/

For offices


When it comes to a professional setting, you cannot place your trust in anything but the best. The most reliable & high-tech router on the market is the Orbi Pro. Thanks to its minimal wiring, it won’t mess up your workstation. With added Satellites, its range extends to 10,000 sq ft & its sleek design will give your office a proficient look.

You can also select the Nighthawk as it specializes in buffer/lag free streaming.

Here are some other cheap, but dependable options

1 – http://bit.ly/SehenKaTheEnd

2 – http://bit.ly/Nighthwak

Routers within your budget


If you have a limit on your budget but want Wi-Fi with unlimited connectivity, then Netgear provides some amazing options for you to choose from. You can pick from a large variety of products that compromise little on features.

Click here to scan through all your options

Extend Your Range


Already have a good router but want to extend its range? Look no further than Netgear’s Range Extenders www.amazon.in/netgear . They push your Wi-Fi’s capability to the absolute limit & carry the signal to places where it wouldn’t reach before.

Here are some other ways through which you can unleash your Wi-Fi’s potential – http://bit.ly/UnleashYourWiFi

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